How to Make $$$ a Month Easily Without a Blog.

Blogs are an integral part of the internet. Of all the ways that people who have figured out to make money from the internet, blogging is one of the best and easiest. Many writers have found their niche with blogging and it is a great way to make money online. Bloggers who use the internet over a period of time have found creative and newer ways to harness the internet’s power and get money.

There are many ways that bloggers can access money off the internet. Once a blog is set and is getting a steady clientele and viewer list, bloggers can take their earnings to the next level by advertising and getting paid per click. However, a newer way has been figured out to gain money and that is through URL shorteners. URL Shorteners- The advantage:

Most of the URL shorteners that are used today just serve the purpose and nothing more. They help blog URLs become smaller in length and that can be posted on websites and other social media sites. URL shorteners are countless on the internet and they generally do not have any method or way with which money can be generated off of them.

That has all changed. is one of those pioneering URL shorteners that has made it easier for bloggers to earn money from their posts just by shortening their blogs. The European based URL shortener allows bloggers to enter their URL’s into the bar and reduce their size. After that, by sharing the link onto any social media site or website, each viewer clicking on the link contributes 20% of the income into the blogger’s account.

How to Make $$$ a Month Easily Without a Blog

The only catch is that there is a five second short advertisement that has to be viewed by the viewer after which the site will function as normal. There are also loads of other features that are extremely useful and helpful for those having blogs and these monetization tools help the users of garner more money from their blogs as well as make it easier to access and use.

These features include Mass Shrinker, WordPress Plugin, Full Page script, Social Share widget to name a few. These features along with the amazing and friendly user interface make one of the best URL shortening sites available on the internet.

Even non-bloggers can join:

Not everyone has the expertise and skill of running a successful blog. That does not mean they cannot make money from the internet. There are countless of other ways with which they can do so, and helps those who do not blog also to make money off of their URL shortening service.

For those who aren’t good at blogging, provides another sharing service with which money can be earnt with every click. All that these particular users have to do is enter one of the affiliated referral websites that are present on the dashboard of and share the shortened URL anywhere on the web. With each click, money will be transferred into your account and this is one of the easiest ways to earn.

How to Make $$$ a Month Easily Without a Blog

Payment Methods:

The payment methods include PayPal and Payoneer and depending on advertising rates of the day, the money is transferred.They have a minimum payout of $20 which paid once you cross the thresold amount in a month.

How to Make $$$ a Month Easily Without a Blog

Verdict: is easily one of the most efficient and pioneering websites today that allows users to earn money in a quick and useful manner.

Conclusions :

Finally, I have to say that is the best way to earn without any blog and by just shorting the links.and if you have blog then say bye bye to share long urls.I most of use it to share my blog post.And I am happy I am earning just shorting and sharing blog post.If you have any dout reqarding we will be happy to help you.If you find this article helps you then please share it with your friends and Social media.thanks !!!!

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Geeksphone launch Dual OS Smartphone.

Have you ever listened Dual OS Smartphone. No, then must check out this. Geeksphone launch Dual OS Smartphone.

Dual Android OS SmartPhone

Dual Android OS SmartPhone

 Yes, till yet you have listened that, these phone are work on Android operating system and Windows operating System. But Geeksphone has launched new Smartphone which work on two Operating systems. This Phone has two Sims means this is a Dual Sim phone and Dual operating Systems, Android and Firefox OS. Span’s Geeksphone launch this smartphone. And its Market price value is 222 Euro, which is around 19,000 Rs. In Indian Currency.

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Android Os

Android Os

Mozilla OS

Mozilla OS




Screen Size 4.7”.

Display Technology: IPS LCD

Touch Screen Technology: Multi-Touch


Dual Core Intel® Atom™ processor with up to 1.6GHz


Internal Memory 4 GB with 1 GB Ram,

Support Micro SD up to 32 GB,

3.5 Audio Jack, Micro USB,

Sensors: G-Sensors.


Bluetooth Class 3.0, WiFi 802.11b/g/n



Front Camera 8 MP

Secondary Camera 2 MP

Flash: Flash LED


Battery: 2000 MAH

Network Type

HSPA/WCDMA: 2100/1900/900/850 MHz

GSM/GPRS/EDGE: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz

HSDPA up to 21Mbps, HSUPA up to 5.76 Mbps

GPRS Class 12/EDGE Class 12

To buy this Amazing Smartphone you can visit Official site of Geeksphone or you can click here to go directly to their Website.

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Top 10 Antiviruses for your Windows 8.

Windows 8 works perfectly on desktop computers and has been designed so that it works well on a Smartphone or mobile device too. Windows is still one of the most attacked systems on the planet with more hackers and programmers trying to break it than any other system on the planet.

Top 10 Antiviruses for your Windows 8

That is why it is a good idea to supplement the security it already has with security of your own. Finding a good antivirus program is a large part of that, especially when dealing with online threats, so here are ten in no particular order.

1.)Microsoft Security Essentials This is a free antivirus and anti-malware program that will protect you from a range of online threats and local threats. It is free and will update itself automatically. You get it direct from Microsoft which is staffed by some of the best programmers in the world so you can see why the program has merit. It can also warn you when your security is likely to be breached with a colored warning system. 2. Immunet FREE Antivirus 3 This is a cloud based program that protects your computer from a range of different problems including spyware and key logging programs. It offers you a very good range of online security by protecting whilst you are online. 3. Avira Free AntiVirus This is a household name that protects against a host of different things such as viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware, and adware. It is good at detecting malware and can keep your computer safe as you are online. It is not the easiest program to use or even install, but it is free so it is hard to complain about a few usability issues. 4. FortiClient 5 This is an antivirus program that provides you with a firewall and the expected sort of things such as website filters, optimization and parental controls. It allows you to manage the threat of the things you find online, and it allows you to update regularly too. 5. Comodo Antivirus 6 This is a very good antivirus and security program. It has a batch of antivirus options that helps to protect you from a wide variety of threats in differing levels of damage. It is also doing well within online reviews because profile its Defense+ technology. It allows the program to find and detect anything that may be a threat to the device you are using, and when you do run the device you may find. 6. Avast! Free Antivirus 2014 The fact that such a popular program is free is worthy of praise. It is able to find a host of nasty viruses that litter the Internet, and it has anti-spyware abilities too that helps to maintain your privacy. It works on all the recent Windows systems and it has a heuristics engine which allows you to detect viruses that were previously unknown. It has been downloaded by 170 million people since it began nine iterations ago. 7. Kingsoft Antivirus 2012 This is a program that will stop any local viruses and protects from them on things such as IM chatting functions. The program works well and works quickly without taking up too many of the computer’s resources. 8. Bitdefender Antivirus This is a free program you can use to find viruses and malware on your computer. It is liked by many because it is able to do its job without taking up too many of your computer’s resources, and that is good if you remember that a virus may eat up most of your computer’s resources. It is really quite easy to use too. 9. AVG AntiVirus Free 2014 Like a few on this list, this is a household name that most people have heard of. Many have heard of it because it is free and popular. It is able to scan for viruses and has anti-spyware abilities along with automatic upgrades. It also has premium features too. It is able to take care of your antivirus needs without a massive input from yourself at any juncture.  10. Baidu Antivirus 2014 This may be a tool that you are unaware of, but it is able to fight viruses by using an online database that the company put there. It will automatically update and will scan your suspicious files by using what it has stored in the cloud. It is good because it does not use up a lot of your resources on your computer. It functions just like other antivirus programs except that it is lightweight on your system and it should be able to pick out the viruses without using too many of your resources.

Author bio:

Sonia J. is an author of this post. She’s also in a team of that helps students to find the most reliable and professional writing service.

Best Android app for Programming learner.(Programming Teacher).

Are you a program learner and an android user ? Here is a best Android app for you which help to learn Programming Easily. Best Android app for Programming learner.

programing Teacher

As we all know android is the best and most usable operating system on mobile device. There are a number of applications or apps available for android user on Google play store. There are many applications which help to a student to learn new things and make easy to learn. Here is a new programming (app) application on Google play store which help to student or beginner or programming learner. If you are a programming student then it’s a very good and helpful app for you. It complete all the programming Like C,C++,C sharp, Java, PHP etc. Developer Keep many things to his mind during developing the app to make it more Helpful for a newbie. As the developer named this app Programming Teacher.

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Features Of  Programming Teacher:-

In this app there are different sections for different programming language to do practice and practical.
1) It contains Different E-books of C, C++ , Java , PHP etc.
2) There are Different short quiz type questions to do practice and revise .
3) It contains Different Programs in all language like C, C++ ,Java , PHP etc. So in the time of need you don’t need to look for Internet. You can do practice with the help of them.
How to this Programming Download:-
Go to Google play store and Download Programing Teacher.
Cost:- Free.
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Facebook Update Whatsapp Privacy.

Facebook Update Whatsapp Privacy in the First modification step.Now no more Privacy Concern for Whatsapp Users.

whatsapp new option

After Facebook Whatsapp is the favourite place for the young Generation. They spend maximum time on whatsapp to stay connect with their friends.Whatsapp is the maximum number of application which is used on Android device.But whatsapp has always Privacy concern for their user. Anyone can see their status, Can check their profile picture and can download. And anyone can see last SEEN status even who is is not in their List. Facebook recently Buy 9 million $ the Whatsapp and resolve the privacy concern. They done some updation in the application.In their first updation they give some option to user to hide their privacy.But you can’t  download it yet from Google play store because Facebook yet  doesn’t  updated on Google Play Store.For download it you can visit Whatsapp Offical website.And download it from their for your  handset. This new version is support on upto 2.0 version of Android.Go on website choose your handset and download Setup file and Install on your phone.

To do setting and check your privacy follow these Steps :-

Step 1:- Go to setting and Click on Account.

Whatsapp (1)


Step 2:- Click on Privacy.


Facebook Update Whatsapp Privacy.

Now from here you can Set preferences For  Who can see My Personal Info.

Facebook Update Whatsapp Privacy.



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Free Recharge Websites.

“Now get free recharge without any hard work. Are you searching for free recharge website or link. Your search end here. Free Website to get free recharge”

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Here is another new working site to get free recharge. In my last post I was share a website from where you can just earn 2 rupee after a referral link and need to send SMS to get full recharge. But here I am going to share a website from where you just have to sign up and get your free recharge. Do recharge instantly. You will get 100 points on sign up. One hundred Points mean recharge of ten rupees. If you have two hundred points you will get Twenty rupees recharge. As well as your point will increase your price money will be increase. You have to just sign up and conform your verification code which you will receive on your number. After it Check your mail you will receive a mail with password after verification the code. Now Sign in with your id and password and Enter in your account. Now click on Redeem Gift and you will see new page with the option of mobile number and Network provided. Enter your mobile number on which you want Recharge. And select the Network provided and proceed. You are done! Now check your inbox and check your balance. It’s Work for me. So just go and Grab the offer.
Here is the Link to get your free recharge. Click Here.

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How To install Third Party or Custom apps on android phone ?

Want to Install third party or custom apps on your android phone but don’t know to how to be install it.No need to panic. Check here How To install Third Party or Custom apps on android phone.

As we know this is smartphone world and Android is the most famous and favorite mobile operating system for all mobile user.Most of people are using Android phone and they install their favorite apps in their phone.On android phone we can download our apps directly from Google play or Google Store.But We can also install custom apps in our phones. Different peoples use different apps according to their work.Some time they need to install custom apps according to their use.Some of then face issue to Install their apps.After Using few steps You can install your favorite and useful Custom apps on your android phones.
Steps To Follow :-
Step 1 :- Open your mobile Menu and Go to Settings > Security.
Step 2: – Here you will see the option Unknown Sources Tick on it.A message will pop up,Click on OK.Here you done setting.

install third party app   install custom apps (2)

Step 3:- Go on you custom or third party app which you like to install on you phone.Click on App and select 1st option n Here you  are Done.Your app is installed.Enjoy.

   install third party app

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Earn Online Recharge Free [100% Working]

Looking for online free Recharge or earn online money or online mobile recharge.Here is 100% working trick to earn online recharge as well as free Gift prizes.


Most of people look for free recharge tricks or free recharge site.After Ultoo  here is another site from where you can earn online recharge as well as Free gifts.You have to join and invite friend.You will get 2 rs for each friend that join through your invitation and also get 2o paise for friend of friend who join. You can earn by playing Quiz and sending free Sms. And you when you will verify your mail you will get one rupee.You have to follow few steps.

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Steps To follow:-

Step 1:-Click to go . If you Joining through this link you will get 2 rupees.

Step 2:- Fill your information and sign up.And you will get a referral link and share it,To get your benefits.


You can play Online quiz daily to get more income or earn more money in your account.As well as you can send free sms from here.It will save your cost to charge on your sms packs as well as you will get money by sending sms.As you complete your 75 friends you will get a free prize then the cost of 400 Rs.If you complete your 150 friends limits you will get the prize of worth 800 Rs.and if you complete 250 friends you will get gift of 999 Rs. So hurry up join it and get free online recharge.

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Create Your Own Web Browser For Your Android.

Fond of  Using Internet or love to use internet And Want To develop your own browser with you Own requirement.Here i am going to tell you how you can Create Your Own Web Browser For Your Android.


 To Create any application for android you must have good command on C, C++ or java,but if don’t have any knowledge about C, C++ or java.Then you are on right place.Here i am going to tell you how you fulfill your full requirements.You have to follow few steps and your app is developed.

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Steps to follow to create web Browser :-

Step 1:- First of all you need to go on Maxthon Mobile site.Click Here To go on site.

Step 2:- Pick a name of your Browser.You can choose any name as you like as i named as ” Window7hacker ” for my browser.


Step 3:- Upload an icon for your browser any format of  JPG or PNG, with size of < 50KB, 72×72 pixels.Or You can choose default.


 Step 4:- Set your home page you can choose any of your favourite site like or as i set my own website link.You can see in screenshot.


Step 5:- In this step you can select theme for your browser.There are may themes.You can choose which you like.


Step 6:- After it upload a splash Screen.Splash screen is that mode when your browser is opening and which image or look you want to give your browser when it can choose default or can upload your own custom image with the size or format of 480×800, PNG or JPG, less then 500KB.


Step 7:- You are almost done ! here in this step enter your email id to get your application link by mail.And after it click on Create Android Browser to complete the process.


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It will take few time to create your Browser.At last Finally its show you a MSG with the download link” Your Personal Browser has been successfully Created ! ” Click on Download button to download your browser and install in your Android.


Here you are done!Successfully created Your Own Web Browser For Your Android without any developing language.Hope you like the Article.Then please share and keep visit for or tips like this .

Get the fully loaded latest Karbonn mobiles to make the most of the budget.



Cell phones have become an integral part of the lives of many people nowadays. Most of the discussions in the classrooms and board rooms revolve around the type of phone to be used, the latest mobiles in the market, the price of the cell phones and the features among many others. It is hard to imagine even an hour without a cell phone for some people, let alone days. People desire to use cell phones that have the latest features and facilities. However, this is not possible at times. The price of such phones is quite high and for most of them, it is not possible to shell out a huge sum for the same. On top of that, new mobiles are being introduced regularly. So, it becomes hard to change the phone regularly for even those people who can really afford it.  

How to choose the best phone? 


With so many mobile phones available in the market, it is often difficult to choose the right phone. People often cannot understand the types and varieties of phone and end up making wrong choice at times. For selecting the right phone, first ascertain the features required. Most of the people require phone just to make calls, other require additional features like sending messages, calendar, diary, music, dictionary, camera, internet facilities and a host of others. The type of phone should be chosen based on this. The second criterion for selecting the right phone is the budget. This helps to narrow down the selection greatly. The quality of the phone is also an important criterion. There are many low quality mobile phones available in the market nowadays. They serve the purpose of the phone but end up getting damaged early. 


Buy all the Series from Karbonn Mobiles from NaaptolOnline Shopping. 



Which brand of mobile phones is the best? 


While it is difficult to choose the right phone, choosing the right brand is even more difficult. Most people scout for brands in different markets. However, the most preferred brand of mobile phones today is Karbonn. The leading brand in the category of mobiles phones, Karbonn has made a great mark in the industry. Latest Karbonn mobiles have become a rage in the market, given the range of features and facilities that these phones give at an affordable price. 

It has been the pioneer in the market when it comes to the latest features within the budget mobile range. Customers are fast switching to Karbonn phones from established brands. Karbonn mobiles have flooded the market with features that are available at a very high price offered by other brands. Karbonn has best-in-class mobile range that is provided to customers at value for money. 



The Distinguishing Features of Karbonn Mobiles: 


Karbonn mobiles might seem to be just like other phones. However, on a closer observation, customers know that these mobiles are designed keeping in the mind the tastes and the requirements of the users. The phones are researched well and hence, designed in a manner that offers convenience and comfort to the users. The range of Karbonn cell phones comes at a price that is quite affordable and reasonably priced. With customers’ satisfaction in the minds, the brand Karbonn is fast rising up on the charts of popularity. 

People understand the brand is domestic and hence, the prices will not be exorbitant. In addition, all those people who respect domestic goods and services give first preference to Karbonn mobiles. The Latest Karbonn mobiles, especially the smart phones are the hot favourite among the people. The market research reports state the market for Karbonn mobiles is expanding with every passing day. People who use this brand of cell phones often recommend it to others, especially family and friends. 

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